Homelessness is a systemic crisis that deeply impacts our community. In San Francisco alone, there are an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 people sleeping on the streets, in cars and other unsuitable places, or in shelters every night. Many of these vulnerable people are children, seniors or those afflicted by physically or mentally disabling conditions – in fact, families are one of the fastest growing segments of the homeless population, causing devastating effects on the development of young children. This crisis is devastating to the people who endure it and affects the quality of life of everyone in our city. It requires a permanent, integrated solution designed by the people who have first-hand knowledge of the issue.

Founded in 1990, Community Housing Partnership is the only San Francisco nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to providing permanent, supportive housing to formerly homeless individuals and families. Community Housing Partnership owns or manages eleven buildings with over 900 units, with an additional 144 units in development. These supportive residences address the needs of seniors, families with young children, youth at risk of homelessness, and adults with physical or cognitive disorders. We provide an essential and comprehensive network of services including job training and placement opportunities, a social enterprise, family and youth programs, substance abuse treatment and community organizing. These services annually impact the lives of over 2,000 formerly homeless adults and children by supporting them in retaining their housing and leading stable, productive lives.