Michael’s Story

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Michael was part of our Solutions SF Lobby Services program. After he graduated, he received a full time job offer as a front desk clerk with CHP’s Fifth Street Apartments. He is now an Assistant Lobby Supervisor with the Services team in our Central Office.

Before CHP, I was unemployed for two years. I had just discovered that my girlfriend was pregnant with our first daughter. That was my wake up call. I didn’t know where to go, what to do next.

I found Solutions SF through my girlfriend (now wife). She had just gone through the interview process and gotten hired, and she told me to apply. She helped me do mock interviews and told me what to expect from her own interview sessions, and I ended up getting the job.

One of the things I really liked about working through Solutions SF was that we were placed in a lot of different buildings with a range of dynamics: senior homes, AIDS homes, women’s homes. For a desk clerk in training, it was like being part of a boot camp. You’re exposed to all aspects of the job. You’re on the front lines, which forces you to learn quickly and adapt to a lot of different situations. It made me feel like I would be fully prepared once I had a permanent station and building.

I was in the Lobby Services program for a year and a half. While I was working at the CHP Central Office front desk, I had a mentor who supported me and endorsed me to the hiring team. I graduated and received a job offer to become a full-time desk clerk with CHP’s Fifth Street Apartments.

Today, a year after I was hired full-time, I’ve gotten promoted and will be joining the CHP Central Office as an Assistant Lobby Supervisor. I’ll be supervising the clerks that go through our program, mentoring them, helping them find their strengths. This position is a chance to give back to a program that has given so much to me. I want to help others reach the same level of success I have reached.

To anybody who feels like they’re stuck in a rut: all you need to do is find that one open door, and stick with it. There will be times where you don’t want to do it, where you don’t want to get out of bed. Just find that one source of motivation. What kept me going was my daughter. When I found out I was having a child, I told myself it was time to grow up. I didn’t want to end up in jail again and out of her life. That got me out of bed every morning.

I hope to eventually become a Property Manager or Services Manager. I’m always shooting for higher goals, so wherever I am, I’m going to keep stepping up and keep growing.


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